Blog Migration to Azure

It has been some time since I lasted posted, as it is an interesting period for me currently. But for now we will tackle a simple migration of the original Fintz Stack Blog to Azure using App Service.

First we do need an active Subscription, you could try the Free one for 12 months, as for me I went for a Pay-as-you-go plan.

chrome_2018-03-06_18-24-40I wont go deep how to backup or export your WordPress blog but more onto how to setup your first App service and Database. So by now you will have an active subscription and you are looking the azure Dashboard.


From there on the left click either All Services or the App services button, bellow I used the All services  and search for App Services and added a new one.

After selecting your style of deployment and pushing the create button and guides you to Name your instance, select or create a new resource group and  configure either a in-app MySQL or setup your own. I did select the in-app SQL and that part includes the Subscription plan selection. Also you can enable App insights to increase your analytic capacity. And after selecting the region your resources will be hosted as the Pricing tier and names you are ready to go and you will see a new event for the deployment.

Welcome to your brand new Azure App, from that point onward we can pin it on your Dashboard and go into the configuration panel. And here is the new site this blog will switch to, I present you the FintzStack(Preview).