Azure Traffic Analytics

Azure Traffic analytics is in Public preview, a solution that provides visibility in the network traffic from users and applications by analyzing the NSG Flow logs across Azure regions.


  • Gain Visibility
    • traffic flows across your networks between Azure and Internet, in Azure,  public cloud regions, VNETs and subnets.
    • inter-relationships between critical business services and applications.
    • applications and protocols on your network, without the need for sniffers or dedicated flow collector appliances.
  • Secure your Network
    • flows between your VMs and rogue networks.
    • network ports open to the Internet.
    • applications attempting Internet access.
    • anomalous network traffic behavior (e.g. back-end servers attempting connectivity, to servers outside your network etc.)
  • Improve performance
    • capacity planning – eliminate issues of over-provisioning or under utilization by monitoring utilization trends of VPN gateways and other services.
    • analyzing in-bound and out-bound flows.
    • understanding application access patterns (e.g. Where are the users located?, Can application latency be reduced by better workload placement?).
    • identification of traffic hotspots.


Find out what’s happening on your cloud!  Check out the documentation and start using Traffic Analytics on your Azure network.