Azure 533 to Admin Associate

A few years ago I set my journey to get more involved with Virtualization which branched out in the Cloud Computing. So one of the first exams I went through was the 70-533 or Implementing Azure Infrastructure Solutions. 

While I didn’t have professional experience into the subject, I was still able to translate the Virtualization and Infrastructure knowledge that I have gained till that point to the new concepts. Today though as I am in an Azure oriented positon the transition exam AZ-102 felt so much more achievable than back in December of 2014.

I do look forward for transitioning my 534 , while it is not possible directly , AZ-300 and AZ-301 are in the future roadmap.

In Search of a Logo

I have requested from a friend for his help, as I am  looking  for  a personalized logo. I do believe that we are getting closer.


Split-Brain DNS and Windows

This is something that coming back over and over again. For most windows admins is/was an issue till the Windows 2k16. I always preferred to handle split-dns in a linux environment than building a separate server just to provide the external, NAT, Geo-location IPs.


Though as the Active Directory loves DNS, it is hard to separate it. At last we do have a solution with the new policies and split-scope zones. Below I will provide a simple scenario where you are having two networks and the subnets are NATed. In my experience the best way to handle it is by scripting and building the server from the scratch. Outsource you can add the AD integrated zones, but there are things you maybe don’t want to inherit.

So at first is good to create a number of CSV files to hold the SRV, A, CNAME , Zones and the outsource don’t forget to add , where is needed, a column with the NATed IP.

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