Azure 533 to Admin Associate

A few years ago I set my journey to get more involved with Virtualization which branched out in the Cloud Computing. So one of the first exams I went through was the 70-533 or Implementing Azure Infrastructure Solutions. 

While I didn’t have professional experience into the subject, I was still able to translate the Virtualization and Infrastructure knowledge that I have gained till that point to the new concepts. Today though as I am in an Azure oriented positon the transition exam AZ-102 felt so much more achievable than back in December of 2014.

I do look forward for transitioning my 534 , while it is not possible directly , AZ-300 and AZ-301 are in the future roadmap.

Start/Stop VMs during off-hours solution

Microsoft recently released, in Azure, a VM Start/Stop Solution. And I have been fiddling with it the last few days, as we were working already to overhaul our old runbooks.

Azure portal

While it is straightforward there are a few things that need to be improved like retry on failure and multiple schedules for start. So I started working on those issues by adding another automation account, an Azure storage table, two new runbooks into the mix and a scheduled job which will call the one of the runbooks via a webhook. The end result will be looking close to that.

fintz vm startstop

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Blog Migration to Azure

It has been some time since I lasted posted, as it is an interesting period for me currently. But for now we will tackle a simple migration of the original Fintz Stack Blog to Azure using App Service.

First we do need an active Subscription, you could try the Free one for 12 months, as for me I went for a Pay-as-you-go plan.

chrome_2018-03-06_18-24-40I wont go deep how to backup or export your WordPress blog but more onto how to setup your first App service and Database. So by now you will have an active subscription and you are looking the azure Dashboard.


From there on the left click either All Services or the App services button, bellow I used the All services  and search for App Services and added a new one.

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